White Label

In the last few years, Sanyog.online has initiated white label partnerships with well over 150 agents globally. Offering a progressive platform and a high level of technological expertise, we are able to meet the needs of each and every travel agent who requires our support.
By providing a platform that is branded according to your wishes, you will be able to engage with your customers more closely, while offering them a range and depth of services not previously possible. Agents who use the Sanyog.online white label platform can sell hotels, flights, trains, travel insurance, and holidays simply and quickly. They can also manage all their financial transactions online, and run numerous reports to aid the smooth running of their business.
If you’re a travel agent looking for a partner to help you with your website and customer interface, the Sanyog.online white label platform will enable you to do this successfully:
Increase sales – the attractive, user friendly display that our platform offers will encourage existing customers to purchase from your site more frequently.
Reach new customers - A slick website and larger travel inventory will attract new customers to your company.
Tailor your brand – your company name, logo and branding will be integrated into the site, allowing personalisation to suit your needs.
The best technical support - Sanyog.online has years of experience and only recruits the very best engineers and support staff – available around the clock.
How it works
Once you’ve decided you want to benefit from Sanyog.online's vast travel inventory and technological expertise, this is how it’ll work:
Implementation - our development team will work closely with you, finding out exactly how you want the site to be customised, and ensuring it meets your needs.
Personalise the Platform – we have a range of travel products. You can request that all or just some of these to be incorporated into the white label that will become your website.
Flexible Reporting - You’ll be able to view up-to-date, accurate data online and on the go. Our system has been developed to enable users to access a vast range of reports and tailor these reports according to the business need – including booking, sales, performance and other data.
Simple Admin - User-friendly maintenance tools allowing you to be in control at all times will ensure updating, amending and taking care of your site is as easy as can be.